Draft Vision Themes & Objectives Feedback Database

Following the Consultation exercise, a leaflet containing the resulting Draft Visions Themes & Objectives was distributed to all households within the Parish. The leaflet was also made available on-line on the Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent Neighbourhood Plan Website. The leaflet contained a feedback form, which the residents of Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent were encouraged to complete and return to the Parish Clerk.

The Visions, Themes & Objectives Feedback form is available here.  Visions, Themes & Objectives Feedback


The feedback form included five questions, including whether the respondent supported the 1.The Draft Vision, 2.The Draft Objectives and 3.The Draft Policy Themes. Space was given to add any comments. The respondents were also asked if the Neighbourhood Plan should identify any areas for development or protection e.g. for housing or employment or protection of green space and if so, explain why they felt the area/site should be identified and describe its location. The respondents were encouraged to attached a map to help identify the areas described. The final question was to indicate any other issues that the respondent felt the Neighbourhood Plan should cover. A total of 42 completed forms were received. The respondents were given the opportunity to supply their email address (optional).

100% of respondents supported the Draft Vision Themes and Objectives for the Low Coniscliffe & Merrybent Neighbourhood Plan

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