Consultation Report

Community consultation began with the residents of Low Coniscliffe & Merrybent parish being invited to a Drop-In Event, facilitated by members of the Parish Council, together with the Neighbourhood Development Planning Steering Group and the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Consultant.The objectives of the drop-in session were to explain the purpose and process of neighbourhood planning and to seek the opinions from the local community on:
• what matters to them within the Parish;
• what is good about living and working in the Parish; and
• what needs to be improved.
Following the drop-in event, further engagement by the local community was encouraged in the form of a questionnaire. The questionnaire was posted to all properties within the parish and included a stamped addressed envelope to encourage feedback. Where possible, as a follow up, residents were contacted to remind them to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire was also uploaded onto the neighbourhood planning website where it could downloaded and returned.
The resulting data collected from the drop-in and questionnaires was then collated and inputted onto a database using a thematic analysis approach. The resulting Consultation Report was then used as the basis for the development Draft Themes & Objectives.

Please read this Consultation Report here.

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