About Us

Steering the Neighbourhood Plan

Our designated neighbourhood area has a parish council, Low Coniscliffe & Merrybent Parish Council.  Click here to visit the website of the Parish Council.

 The Parish Council is the qualifying body for producing a neighbourhood plan, however, in order that our neighbourhood plan be truly representative of all sections of our locality, it is good practice that the steering group be community rather than parish council led.  

We wish to be fully inclusive of all members of our community.

Our steering group currently comprises 4 men and 5 women.

Baydale Beck A67

Who We Are

Chair of the Parish Council:

Chair of the Neighbourhood Steering Group:

Clerk of the Neighbourhood Steering Group:

Names & Numbers

Margaret Ellerton on 01325 357183

Krissy Marshallsay on 07717 696083

Sue Clark on 01325 359651

Can you Help?

We are looking for anyone with a passion for our local area to join us.  Whatever your experience or expertise, if you can offer a little time, please contact a member of the steering group and ensure that this neighbourhood plan becomes your neighbourhood plan.

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