What Is A Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a community led planning framework which will guide future development, regeneration and conservation in an area. People with passion and enthusiasm can use neighbourhood planning as a means to changing their neighbourhood for the better. Our neighbourhood plan is being led by a steering group, currently comprising 4 men and 5 women all of whom live in and love our locality. Should you have a skill, experience or something to offer please contact us, join us and be part of our neighbourhood planning.

How Are We Creating A Neighbourhood Plan?

The creation of a neighbourhood plan must follow certain steps laid down in the Localism Act of 2011. The steering group for Low Coniscliffe & Merrybent has applied for and received designation as a neighbourhood area. It has applied for and received its first grant. Three members of the steering group attended a one-day workshop provided by Locality to help with the process of creating the plan. A questionnaire which will gather the opinions of residents is now live on this website and paper copies will be made available to all residents in the near future. A drop-in information session is being held on 20th May and one was held in March.

Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent Neighbourhood Plan Update

On the 26th of September 2018, the Parish Council submitted the Plan to Darlington Borough Council for examination.

When Darlington Borough Council are satisfied that the draft plan complies with all of the statutory requirements it must: publicise the Plan for a minimum of six weeks, invite representations, notify any consultation bodies referred to in the consultation and send the draft Plan to independent examination.

The submission documents can also be viewed here:
• Submission Draft Plan;
• Policies Map;
• Basic Conditions Statement; and
• Consultation Statement.

The background documents can be viewed here:
• Local Green Space;
• Heritage;
• Settlement boundaries;
• Housing Sites; and
• Biodiversity.


And Background Submission Papers

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